A Guide To Measuring Your Room For Carpeting

You will need to make a sketch of the area you want to carpet and take every single measurement that you can. Remember to write your measurements exactly and to measure into doorways. You will need to let us know what type of floor you have as should you require gripper it may need to be stuck down on some types of concrete floor. The sketches shown below are only examples. It is unlikely that your rooms will be the same shape.

Measuring a flat area

For measurement A, measure from wall to wall not forgetting to measure into any door frames on either side of the room. This will give you the width of the room. For measurement B, do the same as for the first measurement.

Measurements C, D & E will be needed if your room dimensions exceed the standard widths of carpets produced and a join is then required.

Most carpets come in widths of 3.66 metres or 4.00 metres although 5.00 metre carpets are becoming more common and can also be specially ordered.